Ambulance 7


2006 Ford F-450/ 1996 PL Custom

This unit ran as Ambulance 3-1 with Shepherdstown Fire Department until BFD purchased it in September 2016

Common EMS FAQ's

Pre-hospital emergency medical care in Jefferson County is delivered by all seven (7) volunteer fire departments and is supplemented by career staffing from the Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency. (JCESA)  The Bakerton Fire Department maintains one (1) Advanced Life Support equipped ambulance.

The Bakerton Fire Department strives to provide prompt, quality medical care and transportation to our patients.   

Based on information provided to the 911 dispatch center from the caller, as well as pre-determined guidelines, a staffed Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance may also be dispatched in conjunction with our ambulance.  

The Bakerton Fire Department, in conjunction with the Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency, works hand-in-hand to ensure that the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical care is delivered to the citizens of Bakerton and the surrounding areas.  Please see the FAQ section below for answers to common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Why did the ambulance show up without any lights on?  I called 911?

A:  Calls are prioritized by the 911 dispatch center using nationally and locally accepted standard guidelines.  Dependent upon the nature and severity of your emergency, ambulances may respond non-emergency (no lights, no sirens) to you.  This is for our safety, as well as others on the road.

Q:  Why can't I go to the hospital of my choice?  My doctor is there?

A:  Emergency medical providers are licensed and governed by West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.  Strict protocols indicate that the most serious patients be transported to the closest appropriate hospital.  The protocols are reviewed by the WVOEMS yearly and are always in the best interest of the patient. 

Q:  Why did a fire truck show up?  I called for an ambulance!

A:  Due to the nature of some emergencies, additional medical personnel may be needed to assist with advanced treatment.  These firefighters are also medically trained and are there to support the ambulance crew.  It is also possible that, due to other emergencies close to your home or in times of limited volunteer staffing, you may receive a fire truck to initiate care before the arrival of an ambulance.

Q:  Calling 911 ensures that  I get seen by the hospital quicker, right?

A:  Patients are prioritized by the hospital based on the condition of the patient - regardless if you are brought in by an ambulance or not.  This practice is commonly called "TRIAGE".  Triaging of patients allows the most serious patients to be seen first.